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Detecting Lies and Secrets of the Guilty
Lie detector test evidence is not admissible in UK Courts, the Yorkshire Post meets two men looking to change this:

Amanda Knox - I would take a Lie detector test to prove I am innocent!
Amanda Knox has defended her decision not to return to Italy to face retrial
Detail: Telegraph

Man Faces Prison in US after teaching polygraph countermeasures to criminals and sex offenders!
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Lie detectors - a solution for doping and integrity in sport?
Lance Armstrong's lawyer said he is in favour of polygraph testing but do not expect lie detectors in sport any time soon

The Gaurdian

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Japanese police considering lie-detector tests to find pedophiles in recruitment

The japan Daily Press

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Taiwan military lie detectors 'test loyalty'

Officials in Taiwan have told the BBC that lie detector tests for military personnel based abroad are a useful way to evaluate whether they are spying for other countries.

BBC News
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Council using lie detector tests to root out benefits cheats catches 4,000 fraudsters in just four months
Software analyses calls from claimants for signs of stress in their voices 
The technology is similar to that used by insurance companies

Southwark Council in London say they have saved £1,400,000

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Lance Armstrong's lawyer calls for lie detector tests all round
Press Association
The Guardian, Sunday 14 October 2012 11.55 BST

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Lie-detector tests take off in India

BBC News-12 Sep 2012
An increasing number of companies in India are offering polygraph tests to individuals and companies trying to catch out deceitful spouses and ...

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Accountant charged with hiring hit man to murder his wife passed lie Detector test

Daily Mail-12 Sep 2012
She also reveals: 'My dad passed a third party polygraph test regarding accusations that he was involved in the incident with my mom.

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Lying less may boost physical and mental health

(CBS News) Would you be more likely to tell the truth if you knew your health was at stake?

A new study suggests that liars may be unhealthier than their truthful counterparts.

Is your doctor lying to you? New study says it's likely
Failure to spot lies, sarcasm linked to dementia

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Paedophiles, rapists and other sex offenders will be made to take lie detector tests after release from jail following trials which found they make criminals more likely to admit if they have reoffended. Report daily telegraph

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Steve Waugh calls for lie detector tests in cricket

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Lie detector testing for senior civil servants


Report, Jamaica Observer

THE Ministry of National Security says that it intends to crackdown on corruption in the public sector by administering polygraph tests beginning with senior civil servants.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) yesterday launched its Polygraph Unit at Twickenham Park, St Catherine.

"As a matter of course, this government will ensure that all sensitive posts in the public sector should be subject to vetting to ensure the integrity of persons occupying these posts," said security minister Dwight Nelson at the launch.

Commissioner of Police Owen Ellington said that senior JCF personnel are routinely polygraphed to ensure their suitability for leadership positions.

"This [unit] is a major step forward. 10 years, 20 years – it's for the future," added Justin Felice, Assistant Commissioner of Police in the Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB).

The unit will be manned by three members of the security forces who have received international polygraph certification courtesy of the Canadian government.

Construction of the unit was funded in part by the European Union, the Canadian High Commission and the British High Commission.


By Rosa Prince, Political Correspondent report

Debt collection agencies will work with HM Revenue and Customs to investigate the records of 150,000 people earning more than £150,000 a year — the threshold for the 50 per cent income tax rate.

It comes after a pilot amnesty, aimed at the medical profession, led to one doctor handing over £1 million in unpaid taxes, and a dentist owning up to a £300,000 bill. Similar campaigns will be aimed at other high-earning professionals, such as those in the law, architecture and elite sports.

After HMRC’s tax collection fiasco, ministers will commission private debt collection companies to claw back £1 billion in unpaid taxes.

Companies such as Capita have pioneered the use of lie detector tests to identify potential fraudsters for the Department for Work and Pensions.

Sources at HMRC suggested that “voice recognition analysis”, which alerts investigators when a caller claiming benefits sounds nervous, could be used to identify those seeking to mislead tax inspectors.

Savers with offshore accounts will also be targeted, with a dedicated team aimed at catching those hiding money in foreign banks.

Legally, private companies lack the power Government agents have to take severe enforcement

measures, such as raiding properties.

But sources said pilot schemes showed that even with the limited powers to write and telephone suspects they were far more efficient and effective at clawing back money than HMRC staff.

Companies proved particularly successful at forcing tax avoiders to pay small sums.

The £900 million drive against tax avoidance, evasion and fraud was announced on the first full day of the Liberal Democrat Conference.

It is seen as a sop to delegates who have called for higher earners to bear more of the pain of the recession.

During a question-and-answer session, Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister and party leader, was accused by one activist of allowing the poor to bear the brunt of the forthcoming programme of spending cuts.

In his keynote speech to the conference today, Mr Clegg will try to soothe delegates’ nerves by highlighting the plans on tax evasion, making much of the impact on higher earners.

He will say: “People who avoid and evade paying their taxes will no longer get away with it. We will be tough on welfare cheats. But unlike Labour, we’ll be tough on tax cheats too.”

HMRC estimates that the annual number of prosecutions will rise fivefold, bringing in £7 billion a year.

In his conference speech, Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said: “There are some people who seem to believe that not paying their fair share of tax is a lifestyle choice that is socially acceptable. It is not.

“Decisions we make in the spending review will ensure the taxman has the resources to be ruthless with those often wealthy people and businesses who think they can treat paying tax as an optional extra.”

Officials calculate that at present £7 billion is lost each year through tax avoidance.


Tenth of Mexico's federal police fired

Battle with drug cartels brings anti-corruption drive in which officers fail lie-detector or toxicology tests

Reports Gaurdian newspaper

A tenth of the federal police are, with the army, in the vanguard of the government's attempt to curb the drug cartels fighting turf wars as well as defying the authorities. Organised crime relies on corruption as much as violence to protect its interests.

Federal police commissioner Facundo Rosas said yesterday 3,200 officers out of 34,500 had been dismissed in a purge that began in May and will continue. Another 1,020 faced possible disciplinary action, and another 465 were subject to judicial cases; these latter include four mid-level officers from the border city of Ciudad Juarez accused of corruption by subordinates in a rebellion earlier this month. About 250 of the rebels are also being investigated. This is the largest federal clean-up since President Felipe Calderón began an offensive against the cartels on taking office. The strategy has faced an explosion of violence. More than 28,000 people have been killed in drug violence since 2006.

Federal authorities complain one reason they cannot impose order is corruption in state and city forces which employ 400,000 officers; the federal dismissals demonstrate everything possible is being done to eradicate corruption. In the past, such purges at all levels were criticised because sacked officers found their way into other forces or joined the gangs.

Rosas told reporters that the dismissed federal officers would be barred from other police jobs, and be tracked to stop them turning to crime. However, a police spokesman, Juan Carlos Buenrostro, insisted they "had not been sacked for corruption, they just failed the tests".







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