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Our qualified examiners can assist you in most situations for personal or commercial purposes. This list below shows a few of the issues we cover however please contact us whatever your problem, our advice is always free!   


 Relationship Issues / Infidelity

Whenever trust becomes an issue within a relationship it is important to tackle the problem quickly with care. We have unique experience having conducted thousands of relationship lie detector tests. No other UK company can match our experience in relationship testing.

Sexual Abuse

Our examiners hold specialist advanced training in polygraph testing post convicted sex offenders. We can offer expert advice and help in the testing of sexual abuse allegations.


If you suspect someone of theft, whether in the home or at work we can help uncover the truth. Likewise if you have been accused of theft we can provide an objective solution by testing your honesty on this issue.


Fraud within an organisation can be extremely costly. we can help in examples of: forged documents, missing computer information, transfer of information to competitors and misuse of company equipment.

 Confirming Innocence 

Helping people challenge accusations against them by testing the facts. We help private individuals, Families and employees in all aspects of truth verification.

Addiction Management

Polygraph testing can not only help the process of addiction management but can also be vital in breaking denial. We have previously worked with counsellors to assist in addiction cases for gambling, sex and drug taking.

Our polygraph / lie detector tests cost from £400 depending on location and test isssue, please call for details. 

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